Do you struggle to keep track of published and other educational materials across your product portfolio? Do you get inundated with requests from colleagues for published or company-approved material? If so our next generation Library solution is the complete, purpose-built repository that will change the way your company locates the appropriate information, shares educational and training materials, and creates a positive impact.

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Library helps your organization

  • Facilitating the sharing of material across the enterprise with appropriate access control
  • Intuitive, effective, and reliable search functionality for easy location of the correct information
  • Reduces duplication of efforts, allows people to easily locate documents for themselves increasing efficiency and reducing costs

The Library has the following features:


  • Final repository for published, and other approved materials
  • Material can be added manually or via an automated feed from Datavision, Clear and other solutions
  • Appropriate memorialization of company materials
  • Fast, user-friendly searching


  • Proactive sharing and notification regarding the availability of relevant materials
  • Creation of “favourite searches”
  • Bookshelves, to facilitate creation and sharing of reading lists
  • Setting of appropriate controls (embargos and expiry dates)


  • All key material in a single location, role-based access ensures materials can be accessed by the appropriate people, at the correct time
  • Automated workflow to facilitate approval of material by a Librarian
  • Easy-access via a tablet PC
  • System-suggested content by therapeutic area of interest
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    Built on the new iEnvision platform, the Library allows companies to better share material, presentations, and other items across the organization. Connecting with our other solutions via the iEnvision platform enables more timely and efficient sharing of these materials